I have a netgear HA102 wireless access point (802.11a). I recently purchased a WG511U which is supposed to be compatable with A, B and G. But I've been unable to get it to work. It detects the AP (signal strength strong, its 10 feet away) but it will not connect.

I use the WEP feature and I know I'm using the right key. My next step is to go in and disable the WEP, but I don't think that will help any. I'm also thinking of reseting the AP to default and or looking for a firmware update. Its been a while since I've had to play with the AP. To reset to default do I power it on while holding the button on the back down or is it done some other way?

Any other suggestions?

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1. As far as the reset goes, you'll have to check the documentation on that particular model of AP; on some devices the reset requires that you hold the reset button in for a few seconds while the device is powered up, but others require that you hold the button as you power it up. Either way, resetting it is probably a good idea.

2. Disable WEP during the course of the troubleshoot; even if WEP isn't culprit, you'll remove the possibility.

3. I hate to say it, but even though wifi devices may say they're A/B/G compatible, that's definitely not always the case, especially if you start mixing devices made by different manufacturers.

I know the above isn't very helpful, but disable WEP, reset/reconfigure hte AP, get the firmware update for it if one exists, and let us know the results.

Did you, by chance, use MAC address filtering when you originally setup the AP?

The documention mentions nothing about reseting (or the button on the back). I've worked with other equipment and this seems to be a standard, but can anyone tell me if netgears works this way?

Its all netgear equipment so you would hope that its all compatable...

And as far as the MAC filtering, I don't think so.

Sorry, but I can't find any useful info specific to the HA102 whatsoever. The reset procedure for netgear devices aren't all the same; try both methods I mentioned in my last post.

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