Hi all,

I live in a home that hosts international students studying at university and we offer wireless internet.
It's pretty fast and the quota is reasonable but with the number of students that live here we get a somewhat 'cookie jar in the dark' situation and have been having trouble controlling the downloads.

I don't know why i have not looked into this earlier.

This is what i have found which looks best for my situation but the only concern i have with it now is,
"a computer with 2 network cards is required to run Bandwidth Manager software"

That to me is pretty general and does that mean i can just go out and get two low-profile any random network cards, fit them in a computer that's near the router and go?

Modem > In one network card > Bandwidth manager > Out another network card > into Wireless Router = YAY?

If so do i need to worry about compatibility with the router?

I'm using a belkin pre-N

Do want this software. Is there anything i should consider or look out for?


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