ok so i got a wireless router about 3 weeks ago for my ps3 and was enjoying online then the other day the router stopped working i had to unplug the Internet cable from the router and plug it back into the computer directly so the Internet would work again. so what i did was i un-installed it then tried reinstalling it but it got to the part wear it says to plug it in to a power plug then wait for it to find a connection but it never does. can any one please help me thanks.

Better place to ask is in the networking forum. Here we just mostly shoot the breeze.

You should state what model router it is. Did you try connecting it directly to the computer (lan cable) rather than wireless? Also look for the hard reset button, that may clear up problems.

More direct help may be available from Linksys directly, or in their forums area.
(don't mean to be chasing you from DaniWeb, but usually best help comes where that topic is concentrated.)

So :
internet into router
PS3 connects to router (wireless)
PC connects to router.


1. is the LAN cable from the Net plugged into the LAN cable on the router? (the one that is slightly different.)

2. reset the router. someone has changed the setings on it. unplug all the cables (leave the power on). find the rest button on the back or underneath and hold it in for 15 seconds. when the router reboots, plug your LAN back in, give it 30 seconds and see. If that works then great. if not then either your internal router settings need to be set for your service provider (I can help) or your router has given up.