Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice with regards to my home networking setup. I'd like to use Time Capsual with my network but I'm really hoping there are some reliable and small ADSL2+ modems out there which are comparable with O2. I'd prefer a modem only option because I don't want devices duplicating one another's purpose and adding more complexity.

Someone suggested the DrayTek Vigor 100 as a good but apparently a newer model is available which is the DrayTek Vigor 120. However after reading reviews some people have experienced frequent drop-outs and I can't find if this has been fixed with a firmware upgrade.

I like the look of the LynkSys AM200 Gateway but I don't think it offers ADSL2+, although it does support it.

The Netgear DM111P looks promising but looks a little on the large side and only supports 1.5Mb upload speed which for now isn't a problem now but might be a problem in the future.

What are your thoughts? Many thanks for your time.

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You didn't explain what the objection is to the O2 supplied modem. It might help in understanding your need better.

Hi Suspishio,

The only objection to the router supplied by O2 is that I'd like something which is smaller and Is dedicated to being just a modem. Ie not a wireless router. I hope this clarifies what I'm looking or. Thanks for taking the time to help me.

Very few people need modem only ADSL functionality - so there is limited choice. So far as I'm aware the only ADSL2+ modem only products available are from Vigor and Speedtouch.

They'd hardly be smaller than the O2 modem/router which is quite small anyway as I look at it in front of me! (I've got both cable & O2 internet).

I've had Vigor for years as a router for my cable modem (but haven't seen the need to change the O2 supplied modem/router. What you could do is buy the Vigor 120 and if it gives you gyp within the warranty period, get your money back. You can always revert to the O2 supplied device.

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