I have a strange problem that has been driving me mad for over a month, and would appreciate anyone's advice on the matter.

Here's the current configuration:

ISP: TPG, static IP
Modem/Router: NetComm NB5Plus4
OS: Windows XP SP2 (windows firewall disabled)
Zonealarm firewall, McAfee anti-virus

My problem is that one of the two computers on the network will intermittantly lose it's internet connection. I can access the modem's menu through the Browser (Firefox and IE are equally affected), but can't see the other computer of the internet. When the internet is lost during a session, the IP address stay router assigned, other times its the Windows default 169.x.x.x

Windows repair connection universally says "unable to refresh IP address".

ipconfig /release then /renew will sometimes reassign the IP, but rarely restores connection. The only thing that sometimes work is to reboot and hope.

Here's the bind:
I've just moved house, it was happening at both houses. Different ISPs each time.
I have another computer on the network with the exact same software setup, it's been fine the whole time. The only difference is that the affect computer is newer (Intel C2D E6750, 2Gb DDR2 vs Intel Cerelon D 768Mb DDR).
It doesn't matter if I use a PCI network card, the MB inbuilt adaptor or USB connection - all are affected the same.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. I've searched solutions but nothing has worked so far. If you need any more specifications, let me know.

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1. u can replace rj11 wire connecting modem.
2. scan all computers in network with latest updated signature or definition antivirus in safe mode or format (reload from scratch) the computer.

Try simple solution. Use DHCP on router to allocate IPs to PCs and make sure that on each PC that ethernet card is set up to obtain IP by DHCP.

Thanks for the quick responses.
Sarvjit: rj11 wire has been changed a couple of times, between using different modems. And why would only one computer be affected if this cable was the issue. I've scanned before, but another time can't hurt, I'll try that.

Roleo: All computers are set up to obtain their IP from the router's DHCP.

it is due to some spy or warm which generate continues traffic or try to steal some information from network or router, so router or modem blocks particular ip,

solution for it is to format the system and reload the operating systems.

Thanks for the advice. Is there anyway I can confirm that this is definitely the problem before taking the rather time-consuming route of reformatting?

you can scan the system in safe mode by updated antivirus like mcafee or norton, symantec


you can scan your computer or u can format u r compuer and then restore all the settings of your internet connection

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