I have a wireless router I sit straight above the Router Excellent signal only one thing it is in my Living where it is not supposed to be I want it in my Bedroom on my computer stand Please , is there a signal inhancer you can buy ? please let me know Thankz ...

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First give me some specifics about the brand of router and computer, how many walls there are between the bedroom and your computer and the living room and your computer. That sort of thing. Wireless extenders can work but they present their own issues...they have to receive a signal to work for one thing. If you can find a clear line of sight to the extender and then from there another clear line of sight to the computer, that should work...but they don't amplify anything, they just resend. If you realize that the ethernet card in whatever computer you are using is the weakest link in the chain, that should give you an idea of what you have to do. You can also get yourself a pcmcia card ethernet adapter like a Proxim, for example, that allows you to hook up a small antenna to it. zeroth


More often than not you'll spend more on repeaters than just upgrading to Wireless N. If you're talking about moving the router that's a whole other story, but if you're just trying to get a strong signal to your PC I'd suggest Wireless N. Upgrade the router first (I just splurged on a wrt350N, which is by no means known for particularly impressive signal strength, and it nearly doubles the range of my old wireless G NICs) then upgrade the interface card if you still can't get a strong signal.

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