I hv been using an ISP which gives me limited bandwidth per month ..

When I start my internet connection, in about 5-10 min, data usage becomes 20-30 MB(Download+Upload both) even if only gmail.com is open ..

So I'm worried that something somewhere is eating away my bandwidth and I'm predicting a higher bill this month ..

I hv several svchost.exe processes running in my task bar .. Is it the cause or something else??

Please help me with this problem ..

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Download wireshark (requires winpcap also, it will install it for you) and SIW http://www.gtopala.com/siw-download.html. Use wireshark to sniff your traffic and visually look at the traffic and see which local port is eating up all of your bandwidth. You can then use SIW to see what process has that local port open and can determine which application is causing the network I/O.

With SIW you can tell which process has the port open by selecting "Open Ports" on the left side underneath "Networking". It is almost at the very bottom of items to select.

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