I got router (Cisco 2521) 4 serial ports, one token ring port but NO Ethernet Port.
I am wondering is it possible to connect a Windows XP Prof. PC directly to the router token ring port, If I arrange a token ring card and a cable !!! I don’t have any experience with token ring, so do I need a third device? or what’s the way to communicate my pc and router through token ring port?

PC Config
Win2000 PC with Token Ring Lan card, static ip, def. gate
Straight through utp
Router Config, (cisco 2521, ios 11.2)
Ip, Int token0, ring-speed 16, no shut
Router status: initializing, Lobe test failed, protocol down
PC status: media cable disconnected !!
still no communcation!

I don't know if I was the last person running token or not, but if I was you can have my title if you get this working. I assume you have RJ45 token ports? I avoided these and stuck with all "serial" connections.

For my ccie pod I ran 9 pin NIC's and 2504's with 9 pin connectors, I used a pair of IBM 8228's as "hubs" between each PC and the local router:

PC1 - MAU1 - router1 (p2p with ISDN backup) router2 - MAU2 - PC2

I still have it all so if you need me to fire up and test configs I can do it, but not on short notice.

As just a general note, Mcgraw Hill had an OLD series of books covering cisco routers, I bought the entire set for a buck a book a few years ago and it has lots of reference material to these old technologies that isn't on CCO anymore, it might be worth checking ebay and 99cent book stores for them.