Hi all,

I want to discuss my recently encountered problem. I'm a newbie in this forum and IT-related issue so please explain the solution as simple as possible if u can.

My laptop and connection condition :
I have an ACER-aspire 5572NWxMi laptop
I am living in a dormitory and internet is provided by dormitory via LAN cable in every room.
I just reinstalled windows XP SP 2 about 1 month ago.
However, one week ago suddenly I couldn't browse internet although my LAN connection indicator showed connected status (other internet related program, msn, antivirus also couldn't work)

Symptoms are as follows :
Connection status is connected, I can get IP address, gateway, dns and such.
I use dhcp to obtain IP (automatic)
Firewall is turned off.
I can ping localhost, it replies all 4 packets.
I can ping my ip address and gateway as well.
But I cannot ping anywhere else.
ping yahoo.com resulted in "ping request could not find host yahoo.com"
ping "public ip address" resulted in "request time out"

I've tried these actions but the problem is still there:
changing the lan cable
use my friend's laptop with my lan cable and it can connect without problem.
system restoring my computer
fixing winsock
turning off all firewall
uninstalling antivirus
reinstalling windows and all drivers

I attached the results of ipconfig /all here.

Thank you in advance for your help and attention.

Sounds like a DNS issue:
ipconfig /flushdns
To copy a cmd Window:
Rt-click top of the window/Select All/Enter to copy/Ctrl-V to paste.

Check the proxy server address whether address box is empty or not.
If not than make it empty.