i bought a new laptop and need to setup a home network. the main reasons why i want to do so is because, i want to print from the local printer from my notebook, i want to be able to share files from my desktop to my notebook, i want to be able to play lan games.

what i have
-an hp desktop
-gateway notebook
-linksys wireless router
-hp printer
-xp on both desktop and notebok

currently the printer is installed locally with the desktop. The desktop is connected to a port on the back of the router. the notebook is using the wifi from my router.

what's the easiest way to set this up?


here's the basic setup

Hi n00bie, welcome to DaniWeb :)

It sounds as if you've already got both computers accessing the Internet through the router, so I'm assuming your basic TCP/IP configurations are good (and correct me if I'm wrong).

If you want to share files, printers, etc. between the two computers, the rest is pretty simple:

3. They should each be given a unique name and should be assigned to the same workgroup. You assign the computer name and workgroup name through the System control panel, and you will have to reboot each computer to make the settings take effect.

4. In a workgroup setup, you should create identical user accounts on each machine for all users who will be accessing the computers over the network. If you don't do this, you will be prompted to enter a valid username and password whenever you attempt to remotely connect to the computers.

5. For sharing, right-click on the folders, printer, etc. that you want to make accessible over the network and choose the "Sharing..." option. In the sharing setup, give the item a descriptive share-name and select the "Share this folder (or printer)" option.

yeah, i have the similar setup

Mine is cable (ethernet) brodaband modem going into a Linksys WiFI router which then server my dad via wires and me via WiFI (and a PDA too)

If its XP use the "network setup wizard" its good

If its home edition dont worry about the user accounts as XP home has no pasword protection and no domain support