hi i am currently in usa and have a could arrange for a voip phone with multiple connections.
after some time from now i would be going to india ...i would like to setup 3-4 voip connections one giving to my parents and to other relatives .....
my problem is in my home way back in india...i don't have a pc ...can i just have a phone connection paying about 250 for the internet services alone....
what are the minimum requirements for setting up a voip phone?
i am not interested in data connectivity at this point....please asssit.

you can't have a voip connection without data connectivity.
what you need is an internet connection at both ends, QoS enabled routers (if you really want a good level of VoIP connectivity) and broadband.
VoIP boxes, if you want to connect a telephone to them, should have phone jacks of course

hi not very much clear with your last statement. in other words..... can i get an additional voip connection enabled at my home back in india....by contacting the isp....without involving pc and just by involving phones....
i am ready to pay the cost of the internet service there....

yeah, it is possible. you will probably need a pc to set it up though :)
anyhow, try to contact the ISP in India, maybe they have a service like that

The simple solution could be if you install Skype in both devices all you need the Wifi connectivity and your calls will be free. There are few VoIP services which are offering India calling packages i.e Vopium, Nimbuzz or fring.. Give them a try

Hey if you want help related to software issues, i can help you out a bit.

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