Ok, so I ended up reinstalling Windows XP on my system with my Compaq QuickRestore CD's. The install didn't reset my computer to the factory presets though. None of the bundled software was installed. And, my internet is still acting strange. Some pages load very quickly, while others just hang, or give me error pages. Is it possible the during the reinstall, certain drivers weren't installed? or does this sound more like a hardware problem, maybe with my network card or hard drive?

I've already done what I can to test my DSL connection, and my ISP says there's nothing wrong with it. I've tested it on dslreports.com and it confirmed that my speeds are excellent. Downloading & uploading are as fast as ever.

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If you haven't already, download another web browser (Firefox, Netscape, etc.) and see if it experiences the same problem. That could help you determine if you have a hardware problem, or a software problem.

Do you really think that an ISP is going to admit that it has speed differentials in its DSL access? :lol: Just digging at you a little. Seriously, they do have this problem, as users come onto the net, esp. in the evenings, you will most definitely get a slowdown, even during the day as user volume varies. Most ISPs are like any other business. It´s the profit that counts, not their user´s comfort zone. The will only add extra hardware to handle the load until a majority of their clients start complaining about speed.

And web pages depend heavily on what servers they are on for their download speeds. Unless you start experiencing slow downs on all of your downloads, I would say that nothing is amiss...

Same thing with wireless phones. As the number of users increase on those towers, the number of cutoffs and the amount of bad connections increase.

eventhough u've tested, tested and tested your dsl will say it's fine, but your packets sent, recieved and lost is where u should look at. most of the times it's the wiring in your business or house that's is old and needed to to replace. bad or old wires can cause a great deal of lag time, very inconsistent in speed.

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