My internet has been running perfectly for a few months (since about January) I'd only had to restart my computer a few times, to get the itnernet to work again.

But two days ago, my internet keeps going off.
I've tried turning my computer, router, and modem off for a few minutes, then turning ti all back on. It works for about 30 minutes-1 hour, then it drops again.

I dont think its my ISP, because ive asked some other people with the same ISP as me, and its not happening to them.

so I was wondering if anybody here might know if there was a way I could fix this, before I have to call my cable company.

I've scanned my computer, for viruses using the "Avast" scanner, but it couldn't find any viruses.

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I dont think its damaged.

and it just started working again a few hours ago, and hasnt gone of since then.

It must've just been something wrong in my area. If it starts again then I'll come back.


I think I've figured it out now

Everytime the phone rings and someone picks up the phone, the internet disconnects.

It never did that before.

But I just changed to a different internet connection that is supposed to be a little fster than the one I had before.
I think it might be this new internet connection, so I'll try and switch back to the old one and see if it stops


If this is a DSL connection, you need to install filter units on your phone lines to keep the regular telephone voice signal from interfering with the DSL signal. The filter(s) should have been provided by the ISP as part of the setup kit; if they weren't, call the ISP and ask them to send you some.
If you did install the filter(s), you may have a faulty one, in which case it will need to be replaced.


I think I remeber them sending me some filters, but I didnt know what to do with them, so I stored them up somewhere

I guess I'll ahve to go digging through the attic looking for them...


Yea not having the filters on could most definetly do it! It should tell you how to put them on in the manual.


... and if you don't have the manual, a general overview of where and how to connect filters can be found here.

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