I have next problem.

1) If I use one router with one network, all work fine.
Ping to router, ping to internet, loading web pages is ok(include more extensive web pages).
Internet - router1 - pc
Access via hostname to other pc in my network is ok. (I can access this pc e.g. http://mypc as well.)

2) But if I use 2nd router, pages loading is bad. It is very slow(mainly more extensive web pages).
(but ping is still ok)
Internet - router1 - router2 - pc
Access via hostname to other pc in my network is not functional. (I can access this pc only via its IP.)

I don't know where is problem. Could you help me please ?

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have u dual forwarded the ports and settings from the first to the second to make a clean follow trough onto both routers.

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