I have inherited a wiring situation after a move. There is a Leviton Patch Panel with each pair matched, (blue-white/white-blue, green-white/white-green and so on). I wired the jacks in the wall according to T568B. Do I wire the punch down patch panel according to how I wired the jack, or is the patch panel switching the matched pair color scheme to T568B from the punch down side to it's own jack? Is this a standard for patch panels or a leviton thing?

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Most of the patch panels that I have seen use a simplified system of punchdown. They typically take the wires by color, running from blue to brown, and correct the 568B with a little PC board in the patch panel. Match the colors, you'll be fine. Now when you get into wiring 24 pairs out of a 25 pair cable, using only the center pins, it gets wild... :)


that works, I suspected you were right. I wanted to run it by someone though, thank you kindly.

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