The router is a D-Link EBR-2310.
It is normally connected to three computers.
It stopped working for one of the computers one day.

The computer runs Windows XP Service Pack 3.
No hardware install/software install occurred on that day.
The error is that the router is not assigning an IP address to the computer.

I tried swapping wires, and giving a working computer's wire to the router to the non-working computer doesn't change. However, giving the non-working computer's wire to a working computer causes the wire to be working.
The slot the wire was placed in didn't seem to make a difference.

Also, using a system restore back to a time when the non-working computer could access the internet had no effect.

Apologies if this is placed in the wrong forum.

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It just echos "Windows IP Configuration" in response to both "ipconfig" and "ipconfig /all".


Velly interesting.
Check your network connection to see if TCP/IP is installed. Look for the adapter in Device manager.
Run a virus scan.

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