I recently connected my flat to the internet only to discover that each flat in my block is connected to the same DSL connection through a LAN. I am having trouble connecting programs to the internet, namely file sharing programs. Currently the only program that can access the internet is internet explorer. I have been tweaking with the settings on several file sharing programs but cannot seem to connect to the servers, I seem to need to connect through a SOCKS4 proxy server, but do not know what information to put into the 'address' field.

Any help whatsoever on this matter will be very well recieved.

Thanks in advance,

Andy Marshall.

Sorry, but assisting with file sharing programs is against forum rules:

In my opinion, your better off not being able to connect to them.

Well O.K. then, that's fine, but I'm having the same problem with all other programs too, my FirstClass email client, and Half Life 2's network Steam. It seems that no program that requires being connected to a server will work, I really need help!
Just out of interest, what is wrong with file sharing programs? Where else would you download MP3s from?

Hope someone can help,