First things first, i am not knowledged with computers really, at all. But i need to try and resolve a little problem so here is goes. I want to link up a laptop to my PC so i can share the same internet. I was told to network them by buying a network card and installing it into my PC and then getting a wireless router or some cables, which ever i preferred. My question is this: I dont yet own a laptop but am going to buy one soon and seen one with a "Built in wireless networking" feature and i was wondering if i had this then would i be able to just buy the network card and then thats it? I dont really want to spend £50+ on a router after spending £500 on a laptop and i dont really want cables running everywhere so it would be great if all i needed was the card. Thanks alot!!!!!!!

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hey man

if you buy a laptop with built in wireless networking, then you won't need to buy the a networking card, as you will already have one built in.....

all you would need to link it up to the internet is a wireless router and you should be laughing....

with the wireless router, you can plug your exisiting pc into the back of it using a network cable, and connect your new laptop to the router using the built in wireless networking.....

this is assuming that you have some kind of broadband internet - if you are dialing up from your pc, then that is gonna be a different matter......



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