Hello All,
At the moment of time, I am taking a Network Course in my college, and seems everything going NICE! (I hope it goes nice till the end of the semester)

Anyways, I had a problem that I solved but it didn't make any sense to me at all.
a-It asked for the Channel Capacity if the channel is noise free
I solved it and I got 400kbps

b-Then it asked for the Channel Capacity if the channel is noisy with a signal-to-noise ratio of 20dB.
I solved it as well and I got 665.82kbps

I checked it with one of my friends solution and he also got these numbers (not necessary to be correct though), so my question here, is it logical that a Noisy channel has more capacity than a noise free or not?? AS it doesn't make sense at all, because I think that for a Noisy channel the Capacity should decrease.

Thank you!

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