Somehow I messed up my setup and have not been able to get it working again with the router; now only one machine at a time can connect to the Internet in my house. (Also I can't get my new Kindle to connect, but one thing at a time here.) I have:

Windows XP laptop and desktop computers
D-link DI-604 router H/W E1 F/W 2.18
Netopia 3341-ELK Modem running firmware NETOPIA_4.2.2_1
Linksys Wireless-G Access Point WAP 54G ver. 3.1

I used to have this hooked up with the Linksys access point and Netopia modem both hooked up to the router so multiple machines could use wireless, and I could also access the modem with an Ethernet cable from my laptop to the router. But somehow I lost the configuration and now I can't get it to work with the router anymore. I've Googled and found what seemed to be good explanations online for setting this up, but have just not been able to get it back working. Sure would appreciate some help.

Well, I couldn't get a picture of what you are trying to do there, so let's gather more information. Correct me if I have misunderstood.

You have an ADSL modem (Netopia - Earthlink ISP?)
-is is operating in Bridged Mode, or Router Mode?
-can you access configuration settings on this?
-what does the physical lay-out look like on the computer that is working?
-Did you need to make changes to the connections to make this work?
-What happened to make your configuration change?

Has there been any changes to your router?
-Can you access the configuration settings?
-What mode is this in?

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