A website has blocked access to my account due my current location. Is there a way I can bypass it using a proxy server? I have looked into buying one but they can't guarantee non-detection of proxy usage by the said website.

I also came across an idea about buying an IP address from an ISP located in another country . Is it feasible ie can I continue using my current ISP but use IP address from another ISP ? If yes, how do you go about buying an IP address ?

How secure will such transactions (debit card usage) be if I were able to access my account ?

All tips / suggestions welcome. Thanks.

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You can't "buy" an IP address. IP addresses are assigned to different parts of the world.


yes you can bypass.. Use Control 24 Mixer With Pro Tools.. console connection..

(If I were you I'll reset on the router or modem to make new IP)

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