Any help will be so greatly appreciated.
I have a older Gateway Solo 5100 Notebook. It is in good working condition with Windows XP installed. I have a Belkin Router connected through my desktop computer that is an HP. My daughter is able to use the router with her Ipod and connect to the internet.
I bought a Gateway WGC-220 Wireless PC Card Adapter that I plug into the left side of the notebook. I have installed the card and adapter ( driver I guess ) from the CD. Everything seems to have installed correctly.
I go to my Network Connections and the Wireless Network Connection icon is available to click on and connect. It shows enabled and I went to Device Manager and checked to see if the card was under adapters. It was and I doubled clicked on it , opened and says working properly. So, I return to my connection and double click on it. I get the screen No wireless networks were found in range Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on. To see an updated list, click "Refresh network list."
I refresh,,,it searches alittle and the same old message every time. I am sitting right by the router with my notebook. I don't know what I am missing here. There is not switch on the notebook to enable wireless and I can not find a function key in the manual that refers to anything wireless. Is this notebook not capable of doing wireless because of its age? If anyone can offer me a direction, I will certainly accept any help with the greatest gratitude. Thanks ahead..Ron

Does this adapter have its own wireless management software? Look in Programs to see if anything is listed.
Try enabling the Wireless Zero service if it's not started.
Control Panel/Admin Tools/Services.
Any lights on the adapter?