I was wondering just exactly how to bridge two internet connections. My friend wants to get a second internet connection so that his family can use the netflix they signed up for and he can play games and torrent files without interrupting their streaming.

What do I need to do to help them set this up? I was told I needed to bridge the connections. Is this true and how do I do this?

Changing mask of your ip so you make a trust between the i-connections between you and your friend (so your ip is not an alien anymore)...set up the nic and subnet your IP.. ( 2 NIC & ROUTER) so you can access anything on you friend's games..

I recently came across 2 very high speed internet connections. They are both from the same internet provider. I would really like to merge these 2 connections into 1 connection. I dont know if this is even possible, but figured id ask. I know you can bridge network and internet connections in vista, and I have already done that, but my speeds did not increase.

I am on vista 64, and 1 modem is behind a router, the other is a direct connect. I have 2 onboard marvell gigabit nic's.

Is there any way without buying additional hardware to merge 2 internet connections together for added speed, or is that just a pipe dream?