Hey all,
I am new user here, thanks for all of your efforts,

Network Description:

We have a 4 floor building,
We want to implement a network,
The number of computers is about 22 PCs, expected to reach 28 ,

We want to implement Exchange Server, Share Point server, organize Internet access, and store all files in a file server
We have 2 small programs that are being shared by 3 PCs,

The size of data to be transferred is small as I estimate,

What kind of Server do we need?
What is the required features in it?
What are the best Routers Switches?

We have consulted a specialized company to implement it,
We are waiting for their proposal, I want to be sure they are not implementing more that our needs or less than our needs,

Thank you so much!!

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There are a few things to consider. First, you should know that Exchange and Sharepoint servers are not "set and forget" - they need frequent maintenance which means whoever your hire to do this network should have reasonable rates to maintain these servers long term.

The type of server you will need depends on a few factors:

  1. How much data will be stored on it
  2. The frequency the users will be hitting it
  3. Will you be hosting applications off it also (i.e. Office)
  4. Will it provide other network services (DHCP, DNS, Activesync, etc)

The question about the *best* routers and switches really depends on what you want to pay. Arguably Cisco equipment is among the best, but do you want to spend several thousand on routers and switches? Maybe Linksys will be fine for you, maybe not. One comment I would make, I advise all my clients to go for Gig-Ethernet as the price has come down so much. The extra speed you get from Gig-E can make a major difference on the LAN.

Finally, for wiring the building make sure to use a reputable contractor. Use CAT-6E cabling throughout - DON'T SKIMP HERE! My most frequent call is replacing shoddy poor quality cabling. You don't want to pay twice for that :-)


Firstly I would get three quotes to both keep your normal company honest, also you might get a good idea.

For your size of company, Windows SBS would be an excellent choice.

HP servers are very good, and I would recommend purchasing a DL380 with redundancy on the Hard Drives System Drives mirrored (Raid 1) and the Data drives raided (Raid 5 or 6) also redundant power supply.

You should also discuss backup with your supplying companies.

I would tend to go for Linksys switches at this size of company, just make sure that they are manageable.

You mention routers, you'll only need these if you are having multiple networks or connecting to the internet. With an internet connection, you will need a firewall. This is Crucial.

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