Dear All
I am khalil Ahmed I am working in an office as a IT support person.
I am facing a terrible problem and I am unable to rectify this problem.
Problem is this that in my office 1 or more computers are disturbing the network I have checked all computers 1 by 1 but I could n,t find
that which computers is making trouble.

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What symptoms are your experiencing? There are a lot of ways that a computer could "disturb" a network

In my office a software is using all the users for data feeding but from 4 days after 12.00 'O' clock when users are feeding in this software it gets hang whereas internet is working and network is works normal.
When I told to our software engineer who have designed this software then he checked the server thoroughly where it is installed and he reply that it is working without any trouble, and he said that 1 or more computer is infected with any virus and this virus activate after 12 O clock.
Kindly advised me what should I do? Is any software is available that it can rectify that which computer is making trouble.

Start running antivirus on the machines in your office. Depending on the type of networking hardware you have it is possible to sniff the activity of machines on the network but this is a pretty advanced topic. More than likely running AV is your best bet. has a free online AV scan. You can also take a look at malware byte's anti virus or spybot search and destroy.

Thank you for your quick response, I will follow your advice.

You can use network debugger to detect the problem and then fixer later on to resolve it.

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