A few days ago the heatsink on my P4 computer failed and had to be replaced. While reinstalling the motherboard a tab on the RF shield found its way into the RJ45 connector and damaged one of the contacts. The network adapter is working but the troubleshooter (Win XP sp2) says there is no connection to the internet. I checked all the cables to the network switch (which doesn't see the computer) and couldn't find a problem. I had a Linksys LNE100TX adapter card on the shelf and thought I'd just plug it in and disable the integrated adapter. The driver for the integrated adapter is now disabled (a red X through the driver name) and the Linksys driver is installed, but no joy. The troubleshooter log shows three unsuccessful attempts to connect through the Linksys adapter, then is says there is more than one adapter in the computer and I should contact the manufacturer - who would just love to sell me another computer with another cheap heatsink.

Is there some way to kill the integrated network adapter or is it time for a new motherboard? Unfortunately the motherboard is an Intel D865GLC and is no longer in production so swapping out the motherboard is not a simple task.

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can you kill it in the BIOS?

my dell (intel mobo) has a section called "Integrated peripherals" for disabling video, sound, network

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