Any good recomendations for domain registrars?



I'm finding it very difficult to decide on a domain registrar to use.

I'd like the ability to manage all my domains through one account. Reading reviews online it seems like all the popular registrars have a lot of negative reviews about them. I did consider, and (owned by but all the reviews are really bad.

Also a lot of the domain registrars look so out of date and hard to navigate? Is there not a reliable domain registrar that caters for names?


I'm not sure you still want to find a suggestion
I buy all my domains from (though none they have a good reputation as a domain registrar.
I believe hey also provide domain name


From my Experience, I would recommend to you is the best site for register your domain at $9.99. If you have any other domain in any other site you can transfer your domain here and you can manage all the domain in one account.

0 are very good, and won't buy up your domain after your inital search throws an error :)

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