Hey guys, ive been pulling my hair out desperately trying to find out whats wrong with the damn thing.

Basically i have the same router, the usr 8000-02

Now, for some reason i cant get it to work. Originally when i got back from hoiliday i turned the router back on at the wall, and bam, its broken, still seems to be networked as i can access all my other computers, but it wont route the internet....

Ok i says, i'll send it back, its still under warrenty ( by about 6 days )

The guys at the other end, although foreign were extremely helpful and i had a replacement 2 days after. However my problems didnt stop there...

After connecting it all up i found that it STILL didnt work. What the lights on the front were doing confused me as when my previous router was working the system light and wan status lights were just on. Not flashing alternetly like these were. Another thing that confused me was that one of my computers seemed to be able to access the net, and upon further inspection (ipconfig) i saw that for some reason this computer had been given the external IP adress 82.119.x.x ( as if my computer wasnt connected to a router, but directly to the modem!!) I was also completely unable to access the routers configuration page. This kind of annoyed me a bit so i double checked all the settings on my computer so that they were the same as the manual told me to have, ( auto detect ip address etc. )

Still it didnt work, so i got on the phone again and arranged another replacement, which arrived the next day.

Now i am sitting here foaming at the mouth because this time, a completely new replacement has come and the SAME problem has been shipped with it!!

I cant think that 2 routers would have the exact same problem unless it has something to do with my computers!!! I have re double checked EVERYTHING and nothing seems to be out of place. I have just phoned them up again and am awaiting a call back to determine what to do next.

One of my friends suggested that the cause of this may be that the router is trying to clone the mac address of my modem onto my computer. I really dont see how, what, or why it should do this, or even if this is possible. Im just annoyed that i have to keep my brothers computer on all the time to be able to access the net with my backup system

Any comments would be appreciated!!

Thanks for youre time

I cant even ping the damn thing either!

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