I have a satillite DSL connection in one building and I want to run it another building that is 500 feet away. I do have a pipe running underground from one building to another. That I could run a cable in if I could. Can I run a cable?
Would wireless be easier? It does have a clear line of site.
If wireless would be easier, what do I need to do this?

I'm hoping somebody will respond as soon as they can so I can get started as soon as possible!! Thanks in advance!!

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Unfortunately, 500' exceeds the maximum length limit (100 meters) of an Ethernet cable run, so unless you run a fiber optic cable, a wired solution isn't going to do it for you. Fiber would work quite well for your situation, but it would be rather expensive. The cable itself isn't cheap, and you would also have to buy two Ethernet-to-Fiber media convertors in order to interface it with the systems in each building.

If you've got clear line of sight, wireless is probably the way to go (although it will be slower than a wired connection). Exactly what equipment you will need depends on what you've already got set up (network-wise) in each building. If you give us a specific description of that, we can advise you from there.


The network design is also going to depend on your internal needs, and a sense of reliability. Wireless needs more than just line-of-sight... if you are in a busy community where other people have wireless, you could be subject to a lot of interference. You also need to design security into the system, or your materials will be transmitted in the clear or under a weak key, and your possible corporate secrets could be exposed.

If this is a company, and you have the strong desire to do it RIGHT, then you would fiber-optic the connection. Matter of fact, you would run another pipe a significant distance away from the first pipe, in the event some digger disrupts the connection.

Of course, if this is a home network, and you want to connect your buddy or something, the cost scales are quite different indeed.


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