When I first added a second PC to my home office about 6 months ago, I used the XP Network setup wizard to link the two PCs together so that we can exchange files by putting shared folders on each computer. I set up the network on both computers, gave them the same workgroup name and everything worked. I could access the selected folders on either computer by going to My Network Places or Shared Docements.

About a week ago my router died and I replaced it (a Belkin) with a Linksys router. Both PCs connect to the Internet through this router using Comcast cable service. I also have a Samsung printer connected to the router through a NetGear print server. That all works fine. But I can't seem to re-establish my network.

I have gone through the whole Set up a home or small office network process several times with several variations with no success. Everything seems to look OK, I see the name of each computer and the workgroup, which are correct for both, I have designated certain folders as shared folders, but after rebooting and checking I can't find any shared folders or network connection to either computer.

In setting up the network I tried the option Connect through a gateway, but when that didnt work, I selected Other and the computer showed "this computer connects to the internet through a hub..." which sounds correct for a router, but still nothing works.

What am I missing here in setting this up or accessing it" Do I need to enter the workgroup (which I named MSHOME and then tried renaming as BGHOME)?


Call a local PC store (not a chain) and ask them how much for a service call and do they support networking. Should cost less than $150 all total and is much cheaper than learning networking.

if both pcs are able to surf, you must have connectivity.

first thing, make sure you have on both computers a user, with the same username and password (not a blank password)

try to connect by typing in the explorer's address window


Thanks, I'll give those suggestions a try.

I think it may have something to do with something in the network software not recognizing the right IP numbers.

I lost the network connection to my laser printer, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the print server software from scratch, I saw some new listings for IP numbers and then was successfully able to reconfigure a network printer port using those IPs.

There has to be some simple thing involved since I had no trouble setting up this network in the first place (only two nearly identical PCs involved and all cabled together (no wireless mysteries to worry about).

I'll let you know what happens. But if may be a few days before I can get at this.

have fun :)

anyhow, if you want stable ip conection, set the computers with static ips. that way the router's dhcp server's lease times will not affect your lan