OK, so our company is hosting our own DNS for external name resolution of our domain. I've got a primary DNS server set up in Hong Kong, and a secondary DNS server set up in the U.S. Hong Kong went down this morning, so the U.S. should have picked up and started working? Wrong. Error I see in DNS is:

the dns server encountered a problem while attempting to load the zone the transfer of zone data from the master server failed

No duh, the primary is down. Why doesn't the secondary hold an offline copy of DNS for use by the world? What is going on with this configuration? Do I have to set up the "secondary" as a "primary" just so I can have an offline copy of DNS records for use if the primary goes down? What the HELL?

OK, so I reloaded the zone (NOT from the master) and my records re-appeared. Why should I have to intervene manually though?

We will probably move to a Linux based solution. If this is "behavior by design", it's simply unacceptable.

OK, now I have to remember to "kick self". Changes were made on our PIX, and one of the static routes for my DNS server was deleted, therefore it wasn't appearing externally as the static IP it needed to be seen as by the primary for replication.