Hi guys.

I'm having some trouble trying to install a BCM94318MPG (Broadcom) Wireless LAN card on an Acer Aspire L310 desktop computer running on Windows XP.

I've tried several downloaded driver files from the web and had no luck. I've also looked for the driver as 4318 and 4318E, but the files I've found to work either. I keep getting a code 39 error on the hardware manager.

Any ideas?

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Looks like this means the hardware you are installing is incompatible with the hardware that you already have. If I recall right, I have worked on a notebook and went through the same problem I found myself searching for drivers, installing and uninstalling to no avail.

I have an Acer 3620 notebook that found my pcmci card incompatible.


Thanks for the comment but I got it to work.

Since I was installing the WLAN card on an XP environment, I was doubtful to download any Vista drivers. But just as a long shot, I downaloaded the Vista driver from Acer's support site and unloaded the contents on my USB drive to work on the Acer PC. Once the PC restarted and showed the "found new hardware" screen I used the Vista drivers and finally, to end my headache, worked.

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