I need some help with this one, I can't i figure it out. I got a Linksys Wireless 802.11b Router connects to my cable modem.....and sometimes my internet just cut outs, i get disconnected out of nowhere, so I unplug the power cord to the Wireless router and plug it back in and internet is back up,All the cables are plug in right,nothings loose or anything, this happens like 2-3 times each day for the past week or so..I can't figure out if its the Cable,the wireless router or cable modem is faulty and which one to replace! Any ideas!!! :?: Somebody!!? Help!

Pete from Jersey!

Sounds like the wireless. A "flapping" cable modem most likely would not be fixed by unplugging the wireless router although if timed right I suppose it might seem like it does. Either way a good cable provider can log into the headend and tell you whether cable modem has been flapping or losing signal. Usually you'll have a lot of problems with a cable modem that is flapping.

Are you in an area with a lot of other people using wireless? If you're using Windows XP, are you using Service Pack 2? The wireless support in SP 2 seems a lot more reliable to me. Also, if there's a lot of other people using wireless around you and you're on linksys router log into it and change the channel to 5.

you're on linksys router log into it and change the channel to 5.

Would not it be better to use channel 1 or 11 5 is alful close to 6?