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I want to know that which domain we should chose and is the best for a new website. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.

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How about .spam?
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Well im not sure we can actually advise as this depends on the actual site...What is the purpose of your website...It also depends upon what category your site falls under...Let me abbreviate:

.gov - Government agencies
.edu - Educational institutions
.org - Organizations (nonprofit)
.mil - Military
.com - commercial business
.net - Network organizations
.ca - Canada
.th - Thailand
the list goes on and on...

Anyway these websites will maybe help you answer your question:

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I'm assuming you mean Domain Host. It all depends what you need. Some have tools you may be interested in. Google it and check out what each offers. GoDaddy is popular.


It just depends on the type of website, I mean to say that if the site is of education than choose .edu, military site than .mil & there are 7 or 8 types.


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