I was trying to add a few sites under my reseller hosting to host for some friends but I could not figure out how to add them and when I tried I made them end up in my accounts file manager listings. Could someone tell me how to remove them form my listing? Also, I want to add on the domain now, It won't even let me do that. Any help would be very much appreciated. I want to add on the domain and remove the one I accidentally put in from WHM.

Error from park wrapper: example.com is already configured.

Is the error I get if it helps. It is not hosted in any way right now though.

Hi there.

You can delete the accounts you created in WHM and start again as follow:

1. First, you have to define hosting packadges, at least one, in your WHM, by allocating disk space and bandwidth to it.

2. Then you create a user account for each domain you need to host, allowing WHM to configure the DNS to those domains.

3. Then, you need to register those domains at a registar, and supply the registar the ip numbers of your newly created accounts, or

4. If it was existing domain names hosted elsewhere, you need to move those domain DNS to your server (WHM) by applying to the registar where they are registered in the same manner as point 3.

Hope this helps, let me know!