Hi guys just a quick question in my net work connections i have my modem conection status which tells me im running at 576 kbps which is about right but it also shows that 1394 connection is enabled and running at 400mps however there is no activity sent or recieved is this something to do with my firewire comnnection???:rolleyes:

and also should i disable it or just let it carry on?


Unless you use the firewire port to connect 2 computers the network connection is redundant so you can disable it. Even if disabled in Network connections the port will still be available for connecting another firewire device (camcorder or drive etc.)

what you can do in this situation is to follow this instruction:
click on start ---- my network places---- view network connection------right click on the Local Area Network then click on disable
one's it is done, right click on the local area network again and enable it.
then restart your computer or laptop

i think this can help you.