i have a problem that i wnt to connect my two systems with one dsl connection and device has only one port, so i have to use connector?
will it slow down speed?
secondly forthat i come to know i have to give ip manually for both connections?
i dont know that exact process can someone guide me?
there is a mani ip and two sub ip i have to give so the change would be in subnet mask or gateway of the default ip?
hop my question is clear..
waiting for reply..

All you need to do is go buy a small (4 or 5 port ) router from your loca; computer store. You then plug the router's WAN port into the port on the DLS modem and your computers into the LAN ports and it handles the connections. It will give you an IP address like 192.168.1.X for each machine.

will this effect the speed of my connection by splitting the connection?