I am running Windows xp service pack 2. I recently got a broad band connection via Wimax,I want to share this connection with 3 computers on my LAN I have already installed the extra NIC and configured it to(IP gateway:blank dns:Same as the one given by my ISP).The computer indicates this connection is fine.
The problem starts when I try to enable Internet connection sharing on the NIC connected to the WIMAX IDU,I am notified that when connection is shared my Lan adapter will be set to On clicking YES it then goes "An error occured when ICS was being enabled (null)"
Where am I going wrong?
pS I can use Internet the single machine with no problems

I assume your setting up a star network with cross over cable.

Why bother get a router and a hub or switch if need be.

Actually I was using a switch but i got a router now,Dlink.so much easier got it to work in less than 5 minutes.