Anyone know why I would not be able to access network drives after I changed my lan password. Everything worked fine up to that point. I have server 2003 and xp.

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What lan password. and are you running a domain or workgroup.

I am running a domain

thats a good answer to one of the questions... More Info Needed

I changed a users password on server 2003/windows xp for her access to the domain. After I did this, she is no longer able to access shared network drives. I don't know what other information you are looking for.

When she goes to click on the drive to open it up, she gets access denied and the box to enter her user name and password into the network.

It sounds like she is not logging into the domain account this may sound strange but its possible that she logging in locally to her machine you should verify this.

Also what happens if you type in the password and user name when she receives the please log in box.

I would also remove the network drives a map them via the domain controller this can be done under the user properties window then log in again.

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