Hi guys
I have a single machine with windows XP professional
i would like to use them for browsing my company intranet and internet
i dont want to use two NICs.
Will there be a security breach
Will anyone be able to get into intranet when switch to internet
i would like to use a splitter kind of thing for switching between intranet and internet
plz guide me...

I am no networking guru but to my understanding Intranet is the private part of the Internet meaning you have to be connected to the Internet first then LOG IN to your company's intranet or do you mean to say that your work place does not allow access to the Internet? and you therefore want an alternative way of accessing Internet,If so may I suggest a 3g modem provided by celcos they have USB connections.

Hi keidi
thanx for the reply
we have a dedicated network for intranet
so we dont need to log into internet for using intranet
i would like to switch between intranet and internet may be by a physical toggle switch or something
Is it possible
how secure will be the intranet