I am getting ready to go on vacation and the resort we are staying at has WiFi. I currently can access internet via my wireless router at home, but have not tried to access outside of home. The laptop is and older version, probably before WiFi was automatically installed in the units (Dell Latitude D410). Should I be able to access the resort's wireless connection or will I need to purchase something before I go?

It's good that u are able to go online with the wireless router but one thing unclear here is that are u going online by the wired medium or wireless medium. If u have been going online wirelessly [ wi-fi ] at your home then u should not be having any problem going online wi-fi outside your home. All u have to do is [ at the resort ] associate to the available wi-fi network and enter password [ if any ] and u will get connected.

But if u have been going online via wired medium and never wi-fi at your home then u need to go for a external wi-fi card [ basically a PCMCIA card ] or a wireless USB adapter for your laptop.