Hi all,
Sorry for putting this topic here. I don't know where is the most appropriate box to post. I'm having a problem with internet connection, and I'm really hoping you will get me out of this.

I'm connecting to internet using wireless (I'm using desktop computer by the way, not laptop). I keep getting disconnected from MSN chat messenger and it will be disconnected after a time like 10-15 mins (sometimes 30 mins). Yahoo! Messenger is fine. I did try to ping to some websites like google.com, yahoo.com and had responses, but when I tried with www.hotmail.com or www.msn.com, it said request time out. I can connect to MSN messenger but just for a while, and ping said request time out, is it the reason why I get disconnected from it? Or there's any possible problems?

It's really annoying if keep on getting disconnected and having to reconnect all the time :( I'm not expert in networking so I don't know how to identify the problem. Hope you can tell me something.



Not all pings will receive a reply, because the server (or network) may be set to ignore them. I suspect your issue has to do with your wireless. . . If you would answer a few questions, I may be able to help.

Do you have any wireless devices in you routers range? Land-line phones that operate on the 2.4 Ghz Range are infamous for interference.

Are you using wiresless G? Or What?

Do you know what channel your router is set to?

Do you know how to log in to your router? If not, what is the brand & model?

If you realize that there may be something interfering, try using it while connected to see if it drops the signal. If you cannot find such a device, or you suspect it is out of your control (maybe a neighbors phone), we will change your routers channel. The default is usually 6; 1 or 11 are recommended in this type of situation.

I look forward to reading from you soon.

i guess your problem will be on the net connections on where your wifi connected... i have problems like that on school, when it's really wifi or using wireless broadband, there's a tendency of slow connections. That's why i switched to wired already, im using a laptop unit. try to check the connections of your router..