Have Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7 and the user after having Norton 360 v4.2 installed can not access the internet (yes, I have tried shuting down the norton firewall and it seems to shut down but, still no conection). Also every time you try to open a browser you get window asking if you want to use Internet explorer or windows meda center. If you pick explorer you get pop up window asking if you want to run, save or cancel, internet explorer. Pick run and goes back to first window. Pick meda and it opens up but, has no internet access. What gives. Oh and yes I can ping a internet site (google) but can not connect (or bring up the web page) of same.

How are you connected to internet?Are you directly connected to an ISP Modem or you have a Router between your laptop and ISP Modem?

Are you accessing internet using ethernet cable or wi-fi?

This PC is my pastors wife's and is currently at my house on wireless router. Note, they have a wireless router contection also. In both sites no internet explorer connection. Also note, his is a wide open wireless with no securty and my is locked down but, the PC is keyed in to my wireless. The PC can see my router, the internet and my wife's PC. Note, this happen to this pc after it was attact by a virus, cleaned up and had Norton 360 v4.2 installed.