Background -- 3 computers all runnung Win XP, on the same workgroup, connected in a wireless network, as follow:
1. PC-A: Win XP Pro, workgroup--CK
2. laptop-B: Win XP Pro, workgroup--CK
3. netbook-C: Win XP, workgroup--CK

Symptom --
1. laptop-B and netbook-C can see each other on workgroup, but cannot see PC-A.
2. PC-A cannot see the workgroup or any computer, including itself.
3. PC-A get error msg refusing access to network due to lack of authority.

Solution --
Is there an easy solution for this problem?

Thank you for any advice


1. make sure all firewalls are OFF, Till you get your network going.
2. make sure the workgroup name is the same on all PC's
3. static or dynamic ip ? I will assume dynamic (DHCP ENABLED)
4. I will assume you have a user id and password for each machine.
Since you do not have a server to validate user have to log onto every computer with every that is 9 times you have to log on...only have to do this once, althogh you can see why MS does not recommend worgroups larger than 10 machimes