I have the following:

Location 1:
Ip range
default gateway

Location 2:
Ip range
default gateway

Location 1 and Location 2 connected and works great.

I have a server on Location 1.

2 Network Interface Cards
Interface 1 :
default gateway

Interface 2:
default gateway (dsl router)

My problem is there is 2 gateways on server, if i remove default gateway from interface 2 - then Location 1 and Location 2 can communicate as if they are 1 network.

How can I configure Server to use router ( for internet access?

So you are connecting 2 different remote Subnets with each other through WA(internet),right?

Which Router are you using?Was that Router provided by ISP?

Can you please tell us which OS are you using on that Server and on the client computers that are in location 1 and 2?

Why do you want to use this Server?
How do you want this Server to function?I mean do you want to use it as a firewall?

I hope my questions are clear

The server is a terminal server hosting software for computers on location 1 & 2.
The server is Windows 2008 server standard 64bit.
Computers are Windows Xp Sp3 32bit.

Router was provided by ISP (Telkom ADSL 5100)

Want to use router only for internet access to server.

The link between Location 1 & 2 does not have Internet.

So you want to configure this Server in location 1 to use the internet service,and
you want to use that Server as a Remote Access Server in Location 1 for the computers
in location 2 so that these computers in location 2 can also use the softwares hosted on this Terminal Server,right?

You already have 2 NIC Cards in your Terminal Server,now what you have to do is connect the interface 1 of your NIC Cards with the local network in Location 1.

Do the following configuration on your NIC Card Interface 1 of the Terminal Server:

1)Leave the default gateway field blank on the TCP/IP Properties of your Interface 1.

2)Assign any IP address from the scheme of to this Interface 1.

3)The DNS Server settings on the Interface 1 should be set to dynamic.

Do these configuration on all the client computers in your Location1:

1) Go to the TCP/IP Properties of the NIC Card of your WinXP and enter the IP address of the interface 1 of the NIC Card on your Terminal Server to the default gateway of the NIC Card of your client computers(WINXP).

2) Assign IP addresses to these WinXP Computers from the scheme of

3) Assign the same IP address of the Interface 1 of NIC Card on your Terminal Server to the DNS Server Settings on all your WinXP Computers .

Do these configurations on the Interface 2 of your Server(Which is connected to ISP Router):

1) Just allow the Interface 2 of the NIC Card in your Server to obtain TCP/IP configurations dynamically.

2) Go to the start button of your Server ,click on "RUN" and type their "CMD",then you will get a command prompt window(Black Screen). In Command Prompt,type "IPCONFIG /ALL". Check what IP address the Interface 2 of your NIC Card is geting.

3) After that,make sure that all the computers in your Location 1 that are connected to Server can access internet and that is only possible if you have NAT configured on your Server.

If this is helpful then let me know.

If you simply want to use this terminal server as a part of a LAN not as a connecting
point between your location 1 and 2 and just want this server to have internet access,then let me know.

Than you will have to treat this terminal server as a client computer just like WinXP computers in your Location 1

I hope this is clear.

Hi Frank thanks for the help so far.

I have Network printers on location 2 that is used in the software hosted on the terminal server.

if I set default gateway on interface 1 on server to dynamic will I be able to print from location 2 to those printers? I am going to test it in anyway.

Setup a static route.

How do one setup a static route?