I am currently having a problem with my inernet explorer. My computer says I have an internet connection yet whenever i use internet explorer or firefox the pages just keep loading and loading or more common than not, I get a "Page cannot be displayed" dialogue. I am currently running Vista as my OS. I tried repairing the connection but that didnt find anything wrong. I turned my modem off for 30 seconds and then back on and that had no effect. I have rebooted many times and still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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have you tried disabling the firewall (temporarily) and see if you can access then? If not, leave your modem for longer turned off (5 minutes normally works for me).

Also have you checked your IP address etc is set to automatic?

this is a common problem with vista. and if you want to get it to work open iexplorer click on tools then manage addons and then enable disable addons. a screen shoud then popup where a list of programs are listed. then finaly disable all addons and then restart iexplorer. this should fix your problem!

Seems like a big pain!!!

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my internet explorer just keeps crashing, every time i click for it to start, it will start and then goes. also my firefox will not come up at all. the only thing that is working is my google chrome. ie and firefox will not come up. i am running xp. also i did try to reinstall 8 and 7. i got nowhere with that. did the same thing with fire fox, i downloaded the beta and thats not even working. any suggestions? also when i go to look for ie, its not showing up in my files or anywhere on my computer. it is as if i never downloaded it.


I hope we can help you :)

First up you have hijacked a thread that is very old..Aug 11th, 2007.
Please start your own thread and try to explain more about your problem.
You say it wont work, then you say you can not even find it??? How can it not work if you can not find it?? You have Chrome, Firefox and IE8? Opera?
What Firewall are you using?
What is your OS?
What is your PC details?

See whether you can view another Web page
Run the Network Diagnostics tool in Internet Explorer
Reset the modem or the router
Use the Delete Browsing History feature

I have tried everything & reps from internet explorer tried to help me BUT no luck! They say I must RE-install EVERYTHING!!...I do not want to do this because I will lose everything. So now I work thru Safari & firefox, which works great.

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, and I ran through all the suggestions above without success.

What did work was going to Tools > Intenet Options > Advanced > Reset Internet Explorer Settings > click the Reset button in this frame.

Hope this helps, please let me know if it works for you.


Thanks for trying to help...I have tried everything, including "Internet Options". I, even, worked for 2 days with Internet Explorer Reps & they could NOT help me!...They said it was a virus. I NOW use my Safari & Firefox (THANK GOD I has them installed, they work find) I have a virus program installed & my computer is slow on start up BUT once it's up it works find.

I'm sorry this didn't help, but PTL you had the good sense to download and install Firefox and Safari before IE blew up on you.

Thank you!...it's GOOD to have a backup system.

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