I have a Netgear WGR614. It connects to a broadband modem. I have a Dell desktop, connected to the Netgear with CAT5, whch can access the Internet. I have a Dell laptop, connecting wirelessly to the Netgear, which also accesses the Internet. I want to use the printer attached to the Dell desktop, but although I have used the Network setup wizard, etc., I cannot see the desktop computer from the laptop, nor the laptop from the desktop. Both computers see only themselves in Network places. Clearly, I've missed a step, but what is it!!!!

Depending on what OS you are running, some versions of windows have issues connecting with others.

One thing to check is if the windows firewall is enabled, because by default, this will block the required ports for file/printer sharing.

You may try to get the ip address of each device, and make sure that the other device can 'ping' them sucessfully. If this works, share the printer on the desktop, then use start -> 'Run' (pre vista) and do \\ipaddresshere\

ie. \\\

(IP being that of the Desktop). You should be able to then see the printer and double click/install it from here.

If this *doesn't* work, then there may be other options that you need to check, and we will need to know more about what is installed on one (or both) of the computers.

Fantastic! Both computers have WinXP. Ping works both ways. I used the run \\ipaddress option, installed printer 2, and printed a test file successfully! Since all I NEED here is the ability to print, this solves my problem.

However, I'd like to understand the issue, could you explain to me what the problem may have been. On both computers I have firewall set to allow file and printer sharing, is that not enough?

Many thanks!

Glad this fixed your printer problem, to be honest, I never understood netbios well enough to determine what caused machines to show-up, or 'not' show-up in the network places window. Maybe someone can offer some other advice :)

are they actually in the same workgroup?

some versions of windows use "mshome" whears others use "workgroup"