Dear all,

I would like to buy one or two (if needed) wifi access point for my lab.

The lab hall is about 50 meters long and there is a concrete wall in the middle.

This is mainly to give an internet connexion (so no huge file transfer).

Would it be possible to advice me some good device (sold in Europe) not too expensive (my budget is about 300-400€).

I thank you a lot for your help,



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I use 5 CISCO 1131 AG since 2 years ago running 24/7 with no problems.
They are configured to use IPSEC and Radius, and to exchange keys every few seconds to encript the WiFi transmission because security is a must.

Dear Lola,

Thanks a lot for your advices. Unfortunately, I had to find a solution rapidly.

Finally, I bought two Dlink access points : a DWL2100-AP and a DAP1353.



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