I have an ASUS N53SV laptop with an Atheros AR9002WB-1NG Wireless Network Adapter. I would like to monitor WIFI networks using WireShark or other programs. However, I'm encountering a problem that I only see my own traffic. I've found that the card has to be in monitoring mode in order to capture packages not directed to me. I'd like to know if monitoring option is available for this card on Windows or Linux and if so, how should I configure it? I already have WinPCap installed on my computer.

Thank you for information.

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Are you sure what you are trying to do is legal?

Yes. I won't use it for malicious purposes.

PS: I meant capturing packets not capturing packages :)

What I mean is, in many places capturing frames not destined for you is considered illegal (regardless of your intent) unless you have consent or a court order. See the ECPA. Specifically:

Title III prohibits the use of pen register and/or trap and trace devices to record dialing, routing, addressing, and signalling[sic] information used in the process of transmitting wire or electronic communications without a court order.

Well, I live in Europe, I'm not sure how this is controlled here. Anyway, I only want to see this working, I do NOT intent to hack into others' private network. It might be in the "grey area" of law. And you shouldn't forget Google has gone a lot further.
So please, if you can, do help me! Thank you.

I'd suggest that first you determine the specifics of this behavior in your location and based on that take further action. I do not know the specifics so I can not help you anymore. Sorry.

One other thing to keep in mind, however, is that your intent is irrelevant when considering your actions. What I mean is that if it is illegal to capture packets not destined to you and you do so anyway then you have broken the law. It doesn't matter if ultimately you never had malicious goals.

I completely understand your point of view. I am also aware, that this might not be considered 100% legal independently from my intents. But also, if nobody sees, nobody cares :). That's why I was saying "grey area".

Any idea? I'd only like to know, whether and how I can enable packet capturing with my card.

YOu want to see other traffics and networks data packets that does not belong to you. Am I right?

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