I have a DELL desktop and laptop, both running XP Pro and am about to take delivery of another DELL desktop running Windows 7. I also have 2 printers, a small HP laserjet for B/W and an HP Photosmart Pro B9180 that I use for photography. Neither of the printers has a wireless capability.

I'd like to network all of these so that I can print from anywhere and have access to any computer from other computer. My older desktop is hardwired to the internet and I am currently using a Linksys router to connect the laptop to the internet, but it seems to be dropping in signal strength of late. Does anyone have any recommendations for a router with two USB ports?

I appreciate any help.

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you have three computers and two printers and a router for internet access so my advice is to buy a small switch or hub with 8 to 16 ports and connect all you devices wire cables UTP cat5 to solve wireless single strength problem.
and then configure small home network in your Desktop and laptop > in winxp go to my network places and click create small home office network and configure it.
and also configure you printer to add them to your network, usually printers can be accessed from web browser by their ip address or by CDs shipped with them.
Good luck

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Mine linksy have two USB ports not sure what is yours. What do you mean by dropping in signal strenth. Do you mean that the internet is very slow sometimes or the network will suddenly dropped and you can't connect to internet. Are you wanting help to solve your internet connectio or a good modem and router that have two USB ports?

Yup i agreed with monem. A switch would be good. Configuring your printer to your network, i am not so sure. I thought yours is not a wireless printer

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